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Our Mission

Stock Sharks main initiative is to educate members with investment ideas, financial news, providing real-time driven news, M&A coverage and critical stock and foreign exchange research.

Beating the SP annually, we are here to dedicate our resources, minds and knowledge to our members. We are not coaching. We are consultants. Consultants with unmatched market intelligence.

Don’t expect to get rich over night. Expect to make money. We are a private company with private members. Our reputation speaks for itself. Get in the game today.

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The Stock Shark Advantage

We research the financial markets, take out the pretenders, and introduce the investing public to the movers that have the potential to reach the next level. Investors who know the power of getting in on the ground floor recognize that the best time to get in is while they are still inexpensive and undervalued.

>What we do 03

What we do

Swing trading is a short term trading that can be used to deliver exponential results and profits.

Swing traders typically trade 2-3 stocks per week, providing a secondary income. Works perfectly with our traders with 5 stock alerts weekly.

Swing Traders hold positions from a few days to a few weeks and always have proper risk management to limit downside.

Learn how to become an expert trader.